Study Practices To Help Law Students Pass New York’s First Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)

Pieper Bar Review Uniform Bar Exam
The New York Bar Exam will be replaced by the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) in July 2016. Pieper Bar Review shares some tips and practices to help law students prepare for the upcoming Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)!

New York has officially adopted the Uniform Bar Exam, or UBE, which means the individual state bar exam will be no more. Anyone looking to become a lawyer in The Empire State will now have to take another exam starting in just a few months.

The switch from state-centric exams to the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) is considered a game-changer for law students.

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So, with New York’s first UBE taking place in July 2016, most of your days from here on out are going to revolve around preparing for the exam (and also trying to figure out what exactly the difference is between the N.Y. bar exam and the new Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)) so you can pass and embark on your legal career.

Luckily, Pieper Bar Review—home to bar exam experts who have helped students pass the bar since 1975—explains the best bar study practices to employ when studying for the bar exam.

  • Practice Using Real Bar Questions

It’s one thing to read the same material repeatedly—and that can help you retain the information—but what’s even more effective is taking practice tests and answering past bar exam questions to quiz yourself and make sure you understand what you’re studying. In addition to reiterating the work you’re doing, taking a look at real questions from the bar can help you better prepare yourself for what the test will be like; sometimes it’s not what the question is asking, but how it’s being asked.

To help law students prepare for the upcoming July 2016 Uniform Bar Exam, Pieper Bar Review has launched the convenient, free, UBE Question Of The Day, whereby subscribers will receive a brand new study term each morning via their smartphone or computer!

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  • Register For a Bar Review Course…

Another major piece of advice that students should follow is to register for a bar review course. There you’ll have instructors with you every step of the way through the preparation process, guiding and teaching you the material in a detailed, but comprehensive way, that will assist you in terms of understanding fundamental concepts and propositions for the exam and your future career, no matter what legal field you end up in.

It’s the instructor’s job to make you feel comfortable with the material, but, it’s only in the truly remarkable bar review courses that you’ll be able to utilize the lessons after the UBE is over and done with.

  • …With Friends

It can also be helpful to take a review course with some of your classmates or friends so you’ll be part of an automatic study group where you can ask each other questions and review the information you learned in class. Sometimes someone might have a different perspective than you on a case, for instance, so hearing what they have to say and why they came to the conclusion they did will only help you better understand the law.

  • And Actually Show Up

While it’s important to take a review course, you have to do more than just show up to class. Make sure you are always mentally present.

In order to get the most out of the course, get to class—or watch the sessions online if you do end up missing a couple—and pay attention, write thoughtful notes, and do the work. It’s not going to be an easy few months, but it will be worth it once you pass the UBE.

  • Then Figure Out Your Optimal Study Time

Lastly, determine what time of the day would be best to study. This isn’t easy, especially if you’re both working and trying to study for the UBE, but figuring out when you can focus on the course material will significantly increase the effectiveness of your study time. Be sure to create a schedule beforehand as a means to stay organized.

Once again, Pieper Bar Review has established a helpful and easy-to-use Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Question Of The Day to help you on this all-important quest! Subscribe today!