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Invasive Southern Pine Beetle Targeted in Long Island Pine Barrens

New York State committed $3 million to fighting the spread of the southern pine beetle on Long Island, where it killed thousands of pine trees over the past three years, officials said.

Cuomo’s Plan to Study Long Island’s Water Woes a Baby Step...

Recently Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to Stony Brook University to announce a major initiative to address New York’s water woes. His proposal would allocate $6 million for a new comprehensive groundwater study for Long Island to further examine levels of saltwater intrusion and chemical contamination–essentially the byproducts of over-pumping our aquifer and not having enough sewers.

Dead Fish Piling Up on Long Island’s Shores Are a Warning...

Long Island needs fiscal help addressing its water quality crisis, and it’s time both Nassau and Suffolk pushed hard together for action.

Riverside Woman Found Dead in Pine Barrens

An 82-year-old Riverside woman who had been reported missing was found dead in the Pine Barrens on the East End over the weekend, New...

Advocates to Sue Suffolk Over Tapping Environmental Fund

“Once you’re willing to steal money from a lock box, you’ve lost any confidence.”