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How Advances in Prostate Cancer Screenings, Treatments Are Saving Lives

With greater awareness, screening, and improved treatment, most men diagnosed with prostate cancer have positive outcomes, experts say.

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Screenings can be a great ally in the fight against prostate cancer, but men can also remain on the lookout for potential signs of the disease.

SBU Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Shows Promise

A Stony Brook University-led research team is investigating a new prostate cancer treatment that could offer an alternative to chemotherapy without the adverse effects on patients or tumors building up a resistance. 

Who Are The Top Prostate Cancer Specialists on Long Island?

The A List: Your guide to the region's top docs who specialize in treating prostate cancer.

Dr. David Samadi, Changing Men’s Health for the Better, Answers 5...

We asked Dr. Samadi — who regularly appears for his urology expertise on Fox & Friends, Sunday Housecalls and a frequent contributor to Newsmax — 5 questions to help assist men and their families who are researching treatments for prostate cancer.