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PSEG-LI President Daniel Eichhorn: Powering The Island

Corner Office: As the head of PSEG Long Island, Daniel Eichhorn is the executive in charge of making sure more than 1 million homes and businesses have the energy they need to keep running.

Long Island’s Pathetic Utility Preparation Always Leaves Us Powerless for the...

For Long Islanders, it is an all-too-familiar scenario. A storm hits, trees topple and the lights go off. But it is too easy to place the blame solely on PSEG Long Island because this problem started long before they took over the grid.

$1.4B in Sandy Aid to Rebuild Long Island Electric Grid

The money will pay for elevating substations and placing some power lines underground, officials said.

PSEG Long Island Warns of Email Bill Pay Scam

It's unclear how many people have received the bogus email.