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Gail Sheehy, Hamptons Writer and Founding New York Mag Reporter, Broke...

Gail Sheehy’s bestselling fiction broke taboos and struck baby boomer chords surrounding menopause, divorce, remarriage, and later-life fulfillment. What inspired her?

The Life of Captain Kangaroo’s Bob Keeshan: LI’s Favorite Grandfather

The Captain Kangaroo star did not let fame rule his life and was involved in his Long Island community.

Renegade Chef Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite Vacations Were on Long Island

As executive chef in Manhattan’s finest restaurants, popular television host, and jet-setter, “Tony” Bourdain defined the term “celebrity chef.”

How Estée Lauder Built a Makeup Empire With Long Island Ties

Estée Lauder was a pioneering beauty industry titan who revolutionized how cosmetics were marketed and sold. Her motto? “Never underestimate any woman’s desire for beauty.”

How Daring Dancers Vernon and Irene Castle Shook the Industry

Young, attractive, talented, and in love, they twirled themselves into the hearts of audiences. America’s sweethearts — and trendsetters — Vernon and Irene Castle revolutionized dance and fashion. 

How Long Island Suffragist Alva Belmont Helped Women Gain Equality

Wealthy socialite and suffragist, Long Island's Alva Belmont, was the president and primary benefactor of the National Woman's Party, which fought for women's right to vote in the early 20th century.

Recalling the Often Forgotten History of Slavery on Long Island

Though most people assume that slavery was only prevalent in the South, Long Island has its own history of enslaving Black people for more than 200 years.

This New Yorker Was The First Woman To Run For U.S....

In 1984, a tough New Yorker campaigned, the first woman to gamble on becoming VP: Geraldine Anne Ferraro.

White Christmas Composer Irving Berlin’s Time at Camp Upton

Nothing conveys holiday sentiment like the wistful White Christmas and its longing for the perfect holiday setting. Crooner Bing Crosby’s 1942 recording of the classic wartime ballad is the world’s best-selling single and has sold more than 50 million copies.

Long Island’s Teddy Roosevelt: King of the Hill

“If he were in the Republican Party today, he’d have to be in the liberal wing."