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The Little Prince Author Crafted Antidote to War on Long Island’s...

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's inspiration for his beloved novella, The Little Prince, sprang to life after escaping from wartime France and immersing himself in the tranquility of Long Island’s North Shore.

Poet-screenwriter Dorothy Parker Was Wisecracking Feminist Accused of Communism

Best remembered for sharp-witted verse and wisecracks, Dorothy Parker was a self-proclaimed feminist who mocked sexist attitudes, and a human rights advocate who was accused of being a Communist.

Levittown, America’s First Suburb, Historically Shunned Black Families

The idyllic Long Island suburb of Levittown developed by William J. Levitt in the late 1940s made history.

Bay Shore Was ‘Hollywood East’ in Early Years of American Film...

In the early 1900s, Long Island went beyond showing shorts and feature-length movies: It took the action to the next level when it became location central for film production, not suspecting that after a few short years Hollywood would become the world capital of the commercial movie industry.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Daughter, Alice, Was the Original Political ‘It Girl’

Alice was a great beauty, a glamorous hostess, and a political wild child. The press had a field day with this “it girl” who was decades ahead of her time.

Tales of The Ghosts of Grey Gardens

Dubbed "the Witch House," its ghostly visitors show no signs of leaving.

Gail Sheehy, Hamptons Writer and Founding New York Mag Reporter, Broke...

Gail Sheehy’s bestselling fiction broke taboos and struck baby boomer chords surrounding menopause, divorce, remarriage, and later-life fulfillment. What inspired her?

The Life of Captain Kangaroo’s Bob Keeshan: LI’s Favorite Grandfather

The Captain Kangaroo star did not let fame rule his life and was involved in his Long Island community.

Renegade Chef Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite Vacations Were on Long Island

As executive chef in Manhattan’s finest restaurants, popular television host, and jet-setter, “Tony” Bourdain defined the term “celebrity chef.”

How Estée Lauder Built a Makeup Empire With Long Island Ties

Estée Lauder was a pioneering beauty industry titan who revolutionized how cosmetics were marketed and sold. Her motto? “Never underestimate any woman’s desire for beauty.”