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Critics Blast Bill Authorizing Sale of Users’ Internet Search Histories Without...

“An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that their private information should be just that—private—and not for sale without their knowledge."

Pols: Brookhaven National Lab Possible Victim of Trump Budget Cuts

Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) in recent years has received more than $540 million in federal funds from the various agencies, including the Energy Department’s Office of Science.

Schumer Pitches a New Way to Help Fund Bay Park’s Badly...

The pipe would be an addition to the sewage treatment plant that is already being rebuilt after being flooded by 9 feet of water during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

FEMA Delivers $1.6B to Long Island for Sandy Damage

The funding "is just what they need to rebuild and make crucial repairs and upgrades."

Schumer to FAA: Ban Drones from Drug Dealers, Private Investigators

“New York City has become the wild, Wild West for commercial and hobby drones."