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Supreme Court Blocks NY Coronavirus Cap on Religious Service Crowd Size

The U.S. Supreme Court late on Wednesday backed Christian and Jewish houses of worship challenging New York State's latest restrictions in novel coronavirus hot spots.

Long Island Case Plays Key Role in Supreme Court Ruling LGBT...

The U.S. Supreme Court cited the case of a man who claimed Long Island Skydive fired him for being gay in the top court's ruling that extend federal anti-discrimination protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

What Happened With Ford and Kavanaugh 36 Years Ago?

Op-Ed: Whom should we believe? What did happen on that summer night in 1982? Even with an FBI investigation there may still be doubts.

Schumer: Judge Gorsuch Will Need 60 Senate Votes to Reach the...

New York's Sen. Schumer blasted Judge Gorsuch as someone who "instinctively favors the powerful over the weak" and "corporations over working Americans."

Clinton & Trump: A Plague On Both Your Houses

American political history suggests that somewhere along the way our national superego awakens to suppress the worst of our urges. We relegate fringe candidates to their proper place in history and gravitate to the more centrist message.

President Obama Picks ‘Centrist’ Judge To Fill Vacant Supreme Court Seat

Judge Merrick Garland has won bipartisan praise in the past but that might not even merit him a Senate confirmation hearing this presidential election year. The 63-year-old Chicagoan—as both he and President Barack Obama pointed out—is currently the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which Obama said is often regarded as “The Second-Highest Court In The Land.” Legal observers have called Garland a "centrist" and a "moderate" jurist.

The Most Important Abortion Case You Never Heard About

Everyone considers Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that established a woman’s right to an abortion, to be the most important ruling ever on the issue by the Supreme Court. But this year, a lesser-known progeny of Roe occupies center stage in potentially the most momentous abortion case confronting the justices in a generation.

Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages Across Nation

"To have the Supreme Court of the United States reaffirm that marriage equality is a constitutional right, you can’t get any bigger than this.”

Rumsey Punch: How Obama Blew It

When push came to shove, and his party was literally up against the wall, his inability to communicate viscerally will have profound political repercussions in the months to come.