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New Mobile Recovery Unit Removes Treatment Barriers

"A mobile unit bypasses a lot of the red tape and allows people direct access to support, counseling, and transportation to treatment,” says Dr. Sal Raichbach.

New Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center Opens in Farmingville

Victory Recovery Partners opened its first outpatient addiction treatment center in Farmingville on Wednesday, the first of multiple sites the company plans open to on Long Island.

Long Island Recovery Advocates Fight For Sobriety

"No one should die because they don’t have enough money for treatment," says a member of the Long Island Recovery Association.

Pols Eye Opioid Crisis With Pending Legislation

Several bills which contain tools to fight the opioid epidemic are expected to be reintroduced into the 2019 New York State legislative session.

Medical Marijuana: The New Anti-Drug?

In September, the governor signed a bill that allows substance-use disorder treatment providers to recommend medical marijuana to treat pain instead of prescribing opioids. It also adds opiate-use disorder to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.