Evan Longoria Saves Reporter With Miraculous Catch

Evan Longoria video

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 11.31.59 AMEvan Longoria is a lifesaver.

Or not.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you check out the video where Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria apparently saves a reporters life during batting practice in the middle of the night.

That’s right, night batting practice.

Obviously, this video doesn’t look real, especially considering how easily Longoria saves the reporters life in the video.

In the video, the reporter and Longoria are standing in what looks like a minor league baseball field in the middle of the night, down the first-base line.

A “teammate” of Longoria hits a screaming foul ball, bending through the air, that is heading straight for the reporter’s head.

As Longoria is answering her question about the Rays’ chances in the American League East this season, he quickly snaps towards the ball and backhands it with ease.

The 25-year-old third baseman starts shaking the pain away in his hand, as his teammates scream in astonishment in the background.

At no moment does the reporter act like she was scared the ball was coming at her, as Longoria nonchalantly throws the ball back on the field saying “keep it on the field.”

What makes this video more unbelievable is the fact that “Gillette” logos are strategically placed around the stadium and in view of the camera.

Longoria is also a member of the “Gillette Young Guns 2011” along with Ray Rice (NFL, Baltimore Ravens), Denny Hamlin (NASCAR driver), Matt Ryan (NFL, Atlanta Falcons), Carlos Gonzalez (MLB, Colorado Rockies) and Kyle Busch (NASCAR driver).

Early in the season, the Rays star has spent some time on the disabled list with a strained left oblique.

Drafted in the first round with the third pick in the 2006 MLB Draft by the Rays, Longoria earned Rookie of the Year honors in 2008 and is a three-time All-Star.