Does America Have Talent?

America’s Got Talent
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“America’s Got Talent” kicked off its summer season last night at 8 p.m. Avid fans were excited yet many critics discussed why in the world this show is having any success.

Going into its sixth season America’s Got Talent certainly seems to have its grips on the American public. After five seasons of the same formula, America is still craving more. As contestants vie for the $1 million prize, the show offers a playful mix of both astonishing talent and gruesome embarrassments.

Nick Cannon returned as the shows amiable host offering light-hearted comedy through the most awkward of acts. Yet critics argue the panel of judges including Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne falls flat after five seasons.

Both fans and critics alike believe that the witty commentary offered by the judges regarding the acts doesn’t shine being that most viewers don’t know what the judges are famous for themselves. Many argue more prominent judges would spice up the show.

This principle is demonstrated and proven with the stellar success of American Idol season ten with its addition of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. On top of success for the show, the prominent judges themselves greatly benefited from the spotlight they received themselves. Jennifer Lopez debuted her hit “Get on the Floor,” mid-season and the song quickly climbed to the top of the charts.

The first episode of America’s Got Talent titled “Audition Show #1,” offered the usual scattered talent in a midst of a slew of embarrassing acts. Many fans claim they tune into the show mainly for a good laugh.

Along with the other acts, the first episode took a look at last years winner Michael Grimm and runner-up Jackie Evancho. Both are said to be busy performing across the country and Michael Grimm recently released a self-titled album.

Whether or not the show has that extra shine to survive into a season seven its certainly making waves this season. Tune into NBC tuesdays at 8pm to witness both the magic and the mayhem of this zany show.

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