Steve Jobs to Unveil New Music Sharing Service for Apple

Steve Jobs
Associated Press
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Associated Press

Good news Apple fans– It may not be as exciting as the iPad, but Apple is set to release a new music sharing service that could make sharing songs just a little easier.

Steve Jobs will be making a special appearance to introduce Apple’s new iCloud product at the companies Worldwide Developers Conference this Monday in California, Apple said in a statement.

Jobs will also be unveiling their new software called Lion, which will be the eight release of a MAC OS X, iO 5 operating system for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Although Apple has announced that they will speak about iCloud at the conference, they didn’t release specific details of the service.  Apple is simply referring to iCloud as an “upcoming cloud services offering.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Apple has been talking with major recording companies in hopes of providing a service to Apple customers to allow them to sync and transport the musical library online without having to connect to their home computers.

According to the Saint Louis Dispatch Today, Roger Kay, an analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates, said that it is likely that Steve Jobs was able to have the recording companies easily agree to be involved in the companies newest service.

“But Steve probably has more contacts in Southern California than anyone else in (Silicon) Valley. So he has a great chance of getting deals with the major labels. He’s a familiar face down in L.A,” Kay told the Saint Louis Dispatch Today.

This conference will mark the second time that Steve Jobs has made an appearance to introduce a new Apple product while on medical leave.