Weiner Doll and Condoms

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If his ongoing public embarrassment and debacle wasn’t enough, now New York Rep. Anthony Weiner’s public scandal has sparked the creation of the Weiner action figure.

After Weiner’s scandal reached new heights this week with revelations of his contact with a minor, partially clothed photographs released of him at the House Members Gym, and his infamous “sexts,” capitalism is finally taking advantage of the House Members misfortune.

According to The Daily Caller, in reaction to the growing scandal surrounding WeinerHerobuilders.com has launched the Weiner doll, a new action figure available for purchase now. Herobuilders has made several toys resembling public officials, including Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Obama. There is also an Osama bin Laden doll. If you’re not into politics they also have a Jersey Shore inspired doll as well as many others.

The company showcased the Weiner doll on Saturday.  There are two versions of the doll, the “standard Weiner,” and the “Weiner Weiner Doll,” which is said to be for adult eyes only. The doll is clothed in a white t-shirt and shorts that read “TWEET This.” The “Weiner Weiner Doll,” is said to be fully equipped with a crotch bulge. For this reason Herobuilders makes clear that this product is for adult use only and is best used as a gag gift among friends.

Anthony Weiner’s public embarrassment has also sparked a line of condoms, dutifully branded Weiner Condoms. The company pokes fun at the politician with slogans on their website such as “When you can’t keep your story straight protect your weiner” and “Sure to last longer than his marriage.” The condoms are available for purchase at weinercondoms.com. The company also offers an Obama collection as well as a “hope flavored” hard time’s series.

As many people tire of hearing about Weiner’s public debacle, it’s clear that American industry doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to taking advantage of an opportunity for profit.

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