Earthquake Rocks Alaska

A 5.0 earthquake on the richter magnitude scale hit Anchorage, Alaska Thursday morning.

The earthquake reportedly hit at 11:06 a.m. at an estimated 50 miles southwest of Anchorage according to the National Weather Service’s West Coat and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center .

In a report from The Anchorage Daily News, Cindi Prelle, tsunami program manager for Alaska, said that the quake was 9 miles east-northeast of Nikiski and was 30 miles deep saying, “It woke us all up, who needs coffee?”

The National Weather Service’s West Coat and The Alaska Tsunami Warning Center released a statement regarding the evaluation of the quake stating, “An earthquake as occurred with a magnitude such that a tsunami will not be generated.” Their website also stated that “no watch, warning or advisory is in effect.”

According to the Anchorage Daily News, no reports of damage have been reported yet but many calls southwest of Anchorage were received in regards to the quake.

Preller said in the report that the earthquake felt like a “nice, long shaking.”

Alaska has a history of earthquakes, in March of 1964 the Prince William Sound region was struck by a 9.2 magnitude earthquake, making it the second largest recorded earthquake in the world according to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

The Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said that any future information on the quake will be released to their website, earthquake.usgs.gov.

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