Tom Hanks Says “Toy Story 4” Is A Go

Mark Mainz / Associated Press
tom hanks
Mark Mainz / Associated Press

“I think there will be, yeah…I think they’re working on it now,” said Tom Hanks when asked about a possible “Toy Story 4.”

This news may come to a surprise to many fans, because “Toy Story 3” did not leave a lot of room for a preceding movie. The third movie ended with Andy going off to college, and passing his beloved toys down to his neighbor.

But who could deny that another Toy Story movie would bring in money for Pixar? The Toy Story movie series has always made incredible amounts of money. Third Age reported that the original “Toy Story” netted $300 million in 1995, and “Toy Story 2” brought in $485 million in 1999. Access Hollywood says that “Toy Story 3” brought in more than $1 billion worldwide to become the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, replacing “Shrek 2.”

According to Third Age, Hanks went on “Showbiz Tonight” and revealed his belief that the next Toy Story is in the process. “I understand it’s happening and if it is, I hope they’ll hire me [again]. They have almost every line I’ve ever said in the hard drive…so they might not need me! I hope they’ll have some unique grunts they’re going to need from me so I can get in there and do it!”

The San Diego Entertainer reported that the toys from the Pixar movie have not been resting since the third movie. There will be a short film of the toys, titled “Hawaiian Vacation” that will be shown before Pixar’s newest film coming out, “Cars 2.”

The Huffington Post says that Disney is making a story line for the Toy Story film series that will be used in a digital book and will feature Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Rex, going up into outer space.