Joe Jonas See No More (Video) : Joe Jonas Introduces First Solo Video

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Screenshot from “See No More”
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Screenshot from "See No More"

“It was a Saturday when I got that call,” sings Joe Jonas in his latest “See No More.””Far away from feeling small/ I know, I know, I know what the truth is, yeah/ Tried to look away from what you did/ Heartache became my friend.”

Jonas takes on a mature role in his latest video that was released earlier this week. It comes as his first solo video.

“See No More” is a song about a lost love and comes as the first single off of Jonas’ solo album, “Fast Life.” The album is set to be released September 6.

In the video, the middle brother of the Jonas Brother trio wanders throughout an empty house searching for a lost love.  Ultimately, he burns her dress and the house he’s in becomes engulfed in flames.

“You walked away from me baby/ I would’ve never done the same/ You made me feel like our love was not real/You threw it all away,” sings Jonas. “I don’t wanna wait for you/ I don’t wanna wake up thinking, hoping you’ll get it right this time/ ‘Cause you know that you’re so cold/ I don’t wanna see no more and I can’t get away from you.”

According to MTV, the track was the result of a collaboration of Joe Jonas, Chris Brown and Brian Kennedy. MTV also reported that Jonas said of his new work, “”I think it’s more so about how the emotions and the feelings that you are going through and how you’re dealing with them and just displaying them in physical actions.” He went on, “So it’ll be the first really thought-out video that I’ve done.”