“Jersey Shore” Producer Talks About New Season

“Jersey Shore” cast / L.A. Times
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"Jersey Shore" cast / L.A. Times

Fans of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” are mere hours away from viewing the season four premiere which transplants the cast to Florence, Italy as opposed to their usual spot of Seaside, New Jersey. Supporters may be wondering what this location change will mean for the show, but executive producer SallyAnn Salsano, said she is already knows the new season will be a hit.

“I laughed harder during the Italy season. I cried more during the Italy season and I saw more drama unfold than I’ve ever seen unfold in any one season,” Salsano told the Hollywood Reporter.

Although many of the cast members are technically not Italian, Salsano said it had been her hope to get the cast to film in Italy one day.

“We pitched it to the network and they loved it and they came back and said, ‘Hey, let’s go to Italy’ and we were all like, ‘Game on’. But it was hard. You know, it’s hard to do,” said Salsano.

The producer said the cast being away from Jersey made for some difficult situations for the cast, especially with them not being able to fluently speak the native language.

“It wasn’t like they’re at the shore in Miami when you can go outs and talk to anybody. They couldn’t communicate with anyone else. It was harder to say the least,” said Salsano. “They had to rely on each other more and I think like in any relationship, the more time you spend with someone the more you love them and the more they get under your skin. So, I think the highs and lows are so much greater but also I think their connections are so much tighter.”

Despite claims that Italian residents was not thrilled about the cast filming the show in their country, Salsano claims she never encountered any angry natives while overseas.

“My high was when I got there and realized that all the negative stuff in the press was kind of false and the country was welcoming up with open arms,” she said.

The cast just finished filming the fifth season of their show this Monday in Seaside Heights. The fifth season is set to debut on MTV later this year.

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