Justin Bieber Street Sign Stolen

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Teenage pop-star Justin Bieber gives a press conference before his concert as part of his "My World" tour on Tuesday April. 19, 2011 in Singapore.(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

Just three years ago pop sensation Justin Bieber was simply a kid who liked to sing.

Thanks to YouTube, he got discovered from videos he posted of himself singing. The man who discovered him, Scott Braun, set up a meeting between Usher and Bieber and it was only a short time before Bieber’s first single, “One Time,” hit the radio and made it to the tops of charts around the music industry.

Now he’s a phenomenon around the globe, the object of little girls affection, and a musician with a solid list of awards and achievements. But he’s just recently gotten a new kind of honor; an honor like no other.

He now has… a street named after him.

In Forney, Texas, if you were to drive down a part of the town’s main street you could find yourself driving down Justin Bieber Way.

The street name came into creation when the town held a “mayor for one day” contest to instill an interest in government upon young citizens. The 11-year-old winner, Caroline Gonzalez, proposed the street name change as her first order of business. Gonzalez told E! News the simple, blunt reason why she felt the need to create the street name. “I like his music and I like him, so I thought why not have a street in my hometown named after my favorite singer?” said Gonzalez.

However, the sign the town set up to legitimize Gonzalez’s mayoral request, lasted only a bit longer than the 11-year-old’s time as mayor. As reported by WFAA-TV, the sign was officially put up Tuesday and was stolen sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Although Gonzalez didn’t use her day as mayor to do what politicians typically say they are going to do (how unusual), at least she learned a valuable lesson in politics: sometimes people don’t agree with the laws and policies you make, or the street names you create. That’s why there’s crime and punishment. The real mayor, Darren Rozzell, has announced that a company is donating a new sign and he’s not happy with the thieves who stole the sign. “Even if it was just teenage vandals, it’s not fair to Caroline Gonzalez,” said Rozzell.

If the vandals are caught, what’s the punishment for making away with Justin Bieber Way?

Jail time wouldn’t be harsh enough for this heinous crime. But forcing them to face a crowd of enraged tween Bieber fans might be just the punishment they deserve.