Daredevil Dies During Air Stunt : Todd Green Falls 200ft To His Death (Video)

Todd Green / Associated Press
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Todd Green / Associated Press

A daredevil took to the Michigan skies in hopes to perform a one-of-a-kind stunt but instead plummeted to his death.

Todd Green was attempting to impress the crowd as he boarded a plane and intended to perform an aerial stunt that he had reportedly practiced days earlier– He would try to climb from a plane to a helicopter.

He was ready to perform for a show hosted at the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan.

The stuntman was attempting to grab the helicopter hovering over the plane he had just taken off in. As he reached for the metal landing bar, he lost his grip, slipped and fell off of the plane. He fell 2ooft to his death.

Technical Sgt. Dan Heaton said Monday Green had successfully performed the same stunt the day before during the show at Selfridge Air National Guard base, reported the Associated Press.

People in the crowd below thought it was just a joke but those who knew the reality screamed, while others sat in silence in shock of what they had just witnessed.

Emergency crews rushed out to Green, a man who had reportedly been performing aerial stunts for over two decades, but ultimately Green succumbed to his injuries– He leaves behind a wife and son.

According to the U.K. paper Daily Mail, Green wasn’t wearing a parachute but even if he had, it may not have opened in time as he was too close to the ground.

According to the Associated Press, Green wasn’t the only stuntman who died in recent weeks– he died a day after two pilots were killed in separate crashes at air shows in both Missouri and England.