Labor Day Ranks Most Popular Weekend To Travel For Spring & Summer Weddings



Labor Day proves to be a popular time to have a destination wedding.

Leading mobile trip organizer, TripIt, has just revealed that Labor Day is the most popular weekend to travel for weddings between the months of April and August. According to TripIt, the top destinations for Labor Day travel include Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, Honolulu and Atlanta.

Labor Day was ranked the most popular weekend with August 4-8 ranked second, June 23-27 ranked third, and July 14-18 ranked fourth and Memorial Day ranked fifth among wedding trips taken between April-August, 2010.

“Couples choose Labor Day weekend weddings so guests don’t have to worry about work the next day, or losing a day of their weekend to travel,” said Lucy Williams, a wedding planner and co-founder of Gallery Events in Dallas in a statement.

According to a Facebook poll conducted by TripIt not everyone agrees, 60 percent of respondents think Labor Day weddings are a “bad idea,” while another 24 percent “don’t care,” and 12 percent said, “it depends on where it is.”

In a separate poll conducted by TripIt on Facebook, beach weddings were the most desired, followed by the mountains, and a big city.

“There was never a doubt in our minds that we’d have a destination wedding on the beach,” said David Hotz, a TripIt user planning his October nuptials said in a statement.

A new data visualization from TripIt shows that weddings take place in all climates and geographies. An interactive map of the world shows cities where weddings took place between April through August 2011, based on aggregate TripIt itinerary data.