Avatar To Be Introduced At Disney

(Credit: Disney)
(Credit: Disney)

Walt Disney World and Resorts Worldwide will be taking on “Avatar.”

Disney has reportedly just made a deal with the creators of “Avatar” to produce themed attractions at various Disney parks based on the hit movie that was released in 2009.

James and his producing partner Jon Landau and their team at Lightstorm Entertainment will serve as creative consultants on the project and will work with Walt Disney Imagineers to create the Avatar features and attractions.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort has been named the first place for Avatar with construction expected to begin by 2013.

“We believe Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a great fit for this project because it was created to give guests the opportunity to experience the worlds of animals and nature – real and mythical – in new ways. Disney’s Animal Kingdom also celebrates adventure, living in harmony with nature and environmental stewardship – themes that are deeply rooted in the story of Avatar,” read Disney’s blog.

Avatar debuted in 2009 and was a science fiction movie written by James Cameron. It starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver.

The film is set in the 22nd century when humans begin mining a planet called Pandora. They come across a species indigenous to the planet and genetically engineer hybrid bodies to interact with the natives. Interestingly, Cameron began Avatar in 1994 but because technology was not able to achieve his vision he decided to wait. By 2009 the movie debuted in 3D and became the first film to gross more than $2 billion, surpassing his previous record-breaking movie Titanic.

Of course, this partnership won’t only benefit the parks, it will also publicize the movie that will become part of a trilogy. And in turn, this will create even more Avatar attractions to explore.

“There are also two sequels to the record setting first film in the works, which will offer more fascinating stories, characters and locations to explore in the Avatar universe,” read Disney’s website.