Cow Nipple Dress

Rachel Freire
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Rachel Freire

You may be doing a double take at this very moment. I am afraid to tell you, you read that right, cow nipple dress.

Rachel Freire has introduced a dress made of cow nipples.

According to the Huffington Post, a pair of dresses made out of cow nipples that first made their debut at London Fashion Week is now set to make their second appearance, at Paris Fashion Week.

Reportedly, the London designer used some 3,000 nipples from a U.K. tannery for her creations, using the nipples of both cows and yaks.

According to UK’s Daily Mail, interestingly, the designer started her label in 2009 with a degree in Design and Performance from Central Saint Martins and no previous experience in the fashion industry.

The styles stunned most everyone, and enraged animal rights groups. Adding to the rage of activists, the designer said, “If people don’t have a problem with leather, they shouldn’t have a problem with these designs.”

Though the designs will not be sold or walk the runway—Due to the heavy weight, the designer reportedly plans on making more of her nipple creations.

To her defense she admitted she wouldn’t have a problem donating her own to art—She told the Huffington Post, “I love all 3,000 of my nipples, and would happily donate my own body to be used as art by a responsible individual.”