Long Islander Releases Halloween Music Video

Butch Patrick
Butch Patrick in music video “It’s Only Halloween”
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Butch Patrick in music video "It's Only Halloween"

One Long Islander really got into the Halloween spirit with his new music video “It’s Only Halloween,” a fun clip that includes zombies, vampires and television stars.

“It’s Only Halloween,” the work of music producer and Albertson native  Henry Golis, was released by Park Lane Drive Productions as both a dance remix and video. The star of the video is television icon Butch Patrick of “The Munsters” fame and Long Island resident, singer, and actress Ann-dee co-stars. Patrick, more commonly known as little Eddie Munster, is a Dracula type vampire, while Ann-dee plays a female vampire who finds herself as a damsel in distress.

The story begins as Patrick, the master vampire of the castle, prepares for a party on Halloween night with his loyal female entourage, known as Debbie D. He soon finds out that his main squeeze (Ann-dee) is being terrorized at her house by a gang of candy-starved trick-or-treating zombies who might eat her instead, and sets out to save her.

“It was a real hoot to do,” Golis said. “The idea for the video was simply to take Halloween character and to have fun with them.”

The original song was written by his two uncles Bill and Ted Golis.

The song and video are available on iTunes, Amazon and multiple other sites.

Watch the video below: