Do A Barrel Roll Google Trick: ASCII Art Google Trick

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Picture 3Google Easter eggs have inspired fun internet searches this week including ‘Do a barrel roll,” and “Once in a blue moon.”

Different commands send Google performing different tricks like askewing the screen or give you a funny answer.

Google’s new tricks are examples of Easter eggs. Easter eggs are messages and other unusual behaviors that are snuck into software programs and respond to undocumented commands or keystrokes.

Google “tilt,” was an early Google Easter egg found in previous years but recently a few new ones have surfaced.

Google “Askew” and the screen tilts slightly.

Visit www.google.com and type in the phrase “do a barrel roll.” The screen tumbles around as if it’s performing just that.

The barrel roll is reminiscent of Nintendo game Star Fox 64. As we previously reportedthroughout the game hero Fox McCloud is instructed by Peppy, a space pilot rabbit, to “do a barrel roll” in his plane. When the text for the command appeared, viewers would have to press “Z” or “R” twice.

Google ‘Once in a blue moon’ and a mathematical calculation of ‘once in a blue moon turns up.

By searching ‘ASCII art,’ the Google logo takes on a ASCII look.

If you search, “anagram,” it will leave you with, “Did you mean: nag a ram.”

Reportedly, if you type in “Google gravity,” and then hit “I’m feeling lucky,” the screen will fall to the bottom.

Most exciting is, in Google Maps, if you ask for directions from Japan to China, from New York to Tokyo, or from Taiwan to China, one of the travel steps will include either jetsking, kayaking or swimming across the Pacific Ocean (not recommended in real life).