ESPN Earthquake Video

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Picture 12During an live ESPN interview, an earthquake struck Oklahoma, which can be seen through the expression on one broadcaster’s face.

It was just after Oklahoma State remained undefeated, when EPSN cut to broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit and captured the look of shock and fear as the earthquake struck the region.

In the beginning of the broadcast, Herbstreit suddenly  lost his smile and took on an intense frown. He responded to his partner’s question with an explanation.

“Chris, just to let you know, dead serious, as I’ve been talking to you, we just had, I think, an earthquake,” Herbstreit said, reported the Huffington Post. “I literally thought the stadium here was rocking, people were stepping down off this platform that I’m on. But we had a little aftershock, so what was your particular question about Oklahoma or Oklahoma State’s defense?”

Herbstreit had just felt a 5.6 magnitude quake. The quake hit Saturday night and was centered near Sparks, a little over 40 miles outside of Oklahoma City.

The quake was followed by at least 10 aftershocks with the last striking at 3:30 a.m. Sunday, measuring 4.0 magnitude.

According to the Associated Press, Oklahoma typically has about 50 earthquakes a year, and 57 tornadoes, but a swarm of quakes east of Oklahoma City contributed to a sharp increase in the number of temblors—Researchers said 1,047 quakes occurred last year, prompting them to install seismographs in the area.

Check out the video.