Joe Paterno Press Conference Canceled

Joe Paterno
Penn State head coach Joe Paterno (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)
Penn St Paterno Injur Mian
Penn State head coach Joe Paterno (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

Joe Paterno was told not to show up for his Tuesday press conference after it was canceled, and he may soon be leaving Penn State, according to reports.

Tuesday’s press conference, in which legendary coach Joe Paterno, 84, was expected to be peppered with questions regarding the Penn State sex scandal, was canceled about an hour before the coach was to address reporters.

Penn State’s sports information director read this statement to all the media members in attendance:

“Due to the ongoing legal circumstances centered around the recent allegations and charges, we have determined that today’s press conference cannot be held and will not be rescheduled.”

It’s unclear if Paterno was going to address the scandal at all. The university sent out a release Monday night advising media members that the coach would only address questions related to the team’s upcoming game against Nebraska.

“Media planning to attend Tuesday’s Penn State football weekly teleconference are advised that the primary focus of the teleconference is to answer questions related to Penn State’s Senior Day game with Nebraska this Saturday,” the release stated. “Head coach Joe Paterno and any Penn State football student-athletes in attendance will be answering questions about the Nebraska game, Penn State’s season thus far and other topics related to the current college football season.”

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Paterno’s tenure at Penn State may soon be over, after the university has had to deal with questions regarding the alleged sexual abuse by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. He is charged with abusing eight boys during a 15-year period.

The publication said Pateno’s 46-year run as head coach of Penn State may be over within days or weeks, according to people who have been briefed. According to the report, university officials are discussing the best way to deal with his departure.

Paterno has come under fire for not alerting authorities after he learned that Sandusky allegedly sexually abused a 10-year-old boy in the showers of the Penn State locker room in 2002. Paterno did, however, notify his superiors after learning about the incident, according to the grand jury report.

Two top Penn State officials, athletic director Tim Curley and senior vice-president Gary Schultz face perjury charges for lying to the grand jury. Both have vacated their positions.