Top 10 Tuesday: Thanksgiving Eve Spots on Long Island

Silk event poster
Silk event poster

Thanksgiving. Popular for turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, hanging with friends and family, football, and crossing off the unnecessary items jotted on a piece of paper titled “Black Friday Shopping list.” But what has become another holiday-like event on Long Island and across the country is Thanksgiving Eve, also known as the “craziest party night” of the year.

Yes, Thanksgiving Eve, has become even bigger than New Years in certain areas of the country.

Of course, we here at Top 10 Tuesday are not promoting foolish behavior on Nov. 23, so don’t make any cockamamy decisions Long Island. We’re just giving you some suggestions to have a good time with friends before you spend the next day eagerly awaiting that first piece of Turkey to hit your plate.

So, here’s what we put together for you: From Long Beach to Riverhead, we picked out ten places for Long Islanders to visit to have a good time with friends.

There is a good chance we left an establishment off the list so let us know if we did. But if you’re looking for places to go, these Long Island bars/clubs shouldn’t let you down.

Here’s your Thanksgiving Eve Spots. Be safe!