Fanboys: Samsung Makes Fun Of Apple In New Commercial (Video)

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Samsung becomes the latest to take a shot at Apple and its fans.

Samsung recently released a new campaign comprised of commercials promoting its 4G LTE smartphones. The commercials take a shot at its major competitor, Apple, by humorously depicting people waiting in line for a new phone release.

“If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?,” asked one consumer in a line that’s meant to resemble Apple fans waiting in line for a new iPhone release.

“Uh oh, blogs are saying the battery looks sketchy,” added a seated consumer waiting in line.

The customers waiting hours on line then spot a Samsung phone and immediately become interested and start asking questions. One man asks the Samsung user to see the phone, to which he holds it up for him to have a look.

“Can I see it with my hands?,” he asked.

After the crew gets a good look at the new phone, a seemingly dedicated Apple customer admits he can’t get the Samsung because he is “creative,” to which another bystander reminds him, “You’re a barista.”

Since Apple first started releasing the iPhone, almost everyone has taken a shot at Apple including The Simpsons and Ellen Degeneres, but Samsung’s timing makes this campaign seem not just for humor, but for revenge.

The company is currently battling Apple over legal issues in which Apple reportedly claims Samsung is copying Apple’s designs.

According to Information Week, Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer for Samsung Mobile said of the campaign, “We want to let people know that there is a better choice out there when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. The next big thing is already here–you can have the latest, most innovative device without waiting in line.”

Check it out.