Brian Williams: Interviews Marcel The Shell (Video)

Picture 1
Screenshot from ‘Rock Center’
Picture 1
Screenshot from 'Rock Center'

Brian Williams had the rare chance to interview a talking, one-eyed shell.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Williams interviewed the popular talking shell, Marcel the Shell on a recent “Rock Center.”

Marcel the Shell is the product of former SNL star, Jenny Slate, and her Fiance, Dean, in their New York apartment.

Slate voices the shell, while Dean plays interviewer in the video that first went viral in 2010.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On went viral in 2010 and takes viewers through the everyday life of the small shell. Marcel’s debut video proved so popular, since its release it has garnered over 14 million views.

“It has something for adults to love and children to love,” Williams said of the video.

Earlier this year, the sequel, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Two was posted to YouTube. In the short film that features Marcel being interviewed at his home by a documentary filmmaker voiced by Dean, he speaks about where he lives, what he does and how he feels much like he did in the first installment.

Williams sat down with the creators and spoke to them about Marcel and how the talking shell became so popular it spawned a sequel, book and even a show (that’s in the works).

But the most exciting part was when Williams had the rare chance to talk to Marcel.

“Has having one eye affected you in any way?” asked Williams.

“Has having one nose affected you in any way Brian?” Marcel answered.

“Fair point Marcel,” said Williams.

“I like to keep it fair,” said Marcel. “I’m a straight shooter.”

Check out the interview.

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