KTLA Weatherman Throws A Fit And Walks Off During Live Broadcast (Video)

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Picture 37Apparently someone isn’t in the holiday spirit this year.

Henry DiCarlo, an AMS Meteorologist for the KTLA 5 Morning News, wasn’t happy when he didn’t have time to do his forecast during a live newscast and he made his feelings known.

It all went down Wednesday, when the meteorologist went out to do a live interview in Los Angeles. Just as he was about to conduct the interview, he appears to have been told to do his forecast.

“You know what? It’s so interesting,”says an angry DiCarlo during the live broadcast.”I’m in the communications business and it seems like there’s so little communication, when you send the weatherman out to do the weather, but you’re also sending him to do a story.”

His fit doesn’t stop there. He goes on, “You might want to give him a little extra time but that’s just me. Anyway, sorry we don’t have time for weather folks, I’m just doing what I’m told and that was to do an interview, so I’ll tell you what, I’ll just have somebody else handle weather.”

And this is all happening when the forecast graphics are sweeping across the screen.  The video soon cuts back to the two anchors at the desk, who make light of the sticky situation.  “I don’t think he’s happy,” said one anchor while the other jokes, “Maybe we’ll give him a little cheese to go with that whine.”

The video eventually made it’s way to the Internet. It’s spread like wildfire on YouTube with thousands of views since it was posted earlier this week.

“KTLA morning news weatherman Henry DiCarlo throws a fit after doing a live interview and walks off without doing the weather report. Traffic reporter Ginger Chan does the next weather segment for Henry,” reads the YouTube video caption.

No word on what happened to DiCarlo when he returned to the studio.

Check out the video.