Top 11 Entertainment Stories of 2011

Cover52MainScroll21. Charlie Sheen Wins Sheen began his #winning behavior at the beginning of the year, getting fired from hit show Two and a Half Men, then launching a war against cast members. His drug-filled binges spiraled him out of control as he partied with his “goddesses” and came out with a collection of rants and one-liners that spawned a year of novelty items and #winning tweets.

2. Kim Kardashian Gets Married Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries for 72 days—probably because his name began with a K and she was bored that day—royally annoying fans who felt they were duped into believing this wedding was the real thing. Immediately after the news went public, mom Kris Jenner continued on her book tour, denying the whole marriage was a sham.

3. Guilty Verdict in Michael Jackson Trial After what seemed like a never ending trial, Dr. Conrad Murray lost his medical license and is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in relation to Michael Jackson’s 2009 death at the age of 50 from propofol intoxication. Murray gets the maximum sentence of four years in prison.

4. Lindsay Lohan Works at the Morgue Troubled actress and Merrick native Lindsay Lohan ditched her court-ordered community service and therapy, landing herself a gig in the morgue. She later took it all off for Playboy as rumors flew that mom Dina gave the OK for younger sister Ali to undergo the knife at 17 years old after Lindsay’s slightly less of a trainwreck sister, debuted a shockingly different appearance.

5. Amy Winehouse Dies at 27 After a very public battle with addiction, singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment by her bodyguard, joining the “27 club.” Her death was ruled a result of alcohol poisoning and her album Back to Black subsequently became the UK’s best-selling album of the century.

6. Justin Bieber Paternity Suit Teen idol Justin Bieber was accused of fathering a child and losing his virginity backstage to 20-year-old fan Mariah Yeater in a bathroom after one of his Los Angeles shows. She dropped the suit as Bieber handed over his DNA to prove her wrong, but Yeater remains convinced Bieber is the father of her infant son Tristyn and plans on filing a second suit in 2012.

7. The Royal Wedding The wedding bells heard ‘round the world attracted frenzied media attention,  an estimated 3 billion viewers and some pretty insane hats as Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, married commoner Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London. The service, broadcast live, rivaled the 1981 marriage of William’s parents, Charles and Diana.

8. Ashton Cheats, Demi Files for Divorce After six years of marriage, being incredibly annoying on Twitter and publicly maintaining their relationship was rock solid, Demi Moore filed for divorce, as tales  of Ashton Kutcher’s wild fling with a 22-year-old woman went public.

9. Jennifer Lopez Joins American Idol Jennifer Lopez joined Steven Tyler and original judge Randy Jackson on the American Idol stage and made the show a lot better, while former judge Simon Cowell’s X Factor tanked in comparison. J. Lo then divorced Marc Anthony, her husband of seven years, and once and for all put to rest the minds of all those wondering how she could be married to him.

10. Doug Hutchison Weds Teen The guy we loved to hate on 24 married 16-year-old Courtney Stodden in Las Vegas. The law states both parties filing for a marriage certificate must be at least 18 years of age, but Stodden’s mom found a loophole and signed a consent form so her daughter could become Dough Hutchison’s second wife.

11. Gerard Depardieu Pees on a Plane In what is believed to have been a display of public drunkenness, the Frenchman peed on a plane, barely snagging the last spot on this list from Alec Baldwin, who recently threw a tantrum when he refused to stop playing Words with Friends on a flight. But, hey, public urination wins every time. The actor was on a delayed Air France flight from Paris to Dublin when he demanded to leave his seat to go to the bathroom. A flight attendant told him he would have to wait 15 minutes, so he unzipped his pants and urinated on the carpet. Classy.