DoraNonnie Tapas and Wine Bar Claims Glen Head As Its Home

Fried Calamari
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DoraNonnie at Bernard's Market & Café

Bernard’s Market & Café has long been the place to grab a gourmet sandwich, salad or delicious cup of Joe and go. But now, it’s a place to enjoy an entire evening with a variety of tasty tapas and a nice glass of wine.

On September 19, Bernard’s welcomed DoraNonnie, a Tapas & Wine Bar under its Glen Head roof. The restaurant serves up a unique mix of Italian-Asian fusion cuisine.

DoraNonnie offers 17 tables for guests, in front of floor to ceiling windows looking out into the Glen Head streets. In addition, DoraNonnie has a private party room that fits up to 25.

The most exciting part of DoraNonnie surprisingly isn’t sipping your wine starring out into the streets of Glen Head, but instead it’s inside the kitchen, where celebrity chef and star of “Top Chef,” Danny Gagnon, cooks up creations from his masterpiece menu.

The 29-year-old family man, Gagnon, serves as the executive chef at DoraNonnie.

“The place was named after my grandmothers, Dora and Nonnie,” explains Gagnon, who studied at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park before starring in Season 5 of “Top Chef.”

DoraNonnie is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and serves up the New Hyde Park native’s plates with the help of his staff of 15.

Before even looking at the menu, order crackers and a small serving of Caponata, the Sicilian aubergine dish of cooked vegetable salad—chopped fried eggplant, red peppers and capped with tomato sauce— it’s a “spot on” appetizer.

Another great choice to warm up the palate is Cream of Carrot & Sambuca ($7). It’s  the only soup on the menu and after tasting it you’ll know why. The soft, creamy soup with a kick is quite addicting and diners can rarely put the spoon down to begin a sentence or sip a nice paired light white wine, Long Island’s own, Leib Cellars Chardonnay ($10)—The beverage menu includes around eight beer choices from Blue Point Blueberry Ale ($7) to Singapore’s Tiger ($6) and 16 items on the Wine List including sparkling and a Water Mill port, Duck Walk Blueberry Port ($10).

“We like to keep it short and high quality,” Gagnon explained of the very selective wine menu.

Sweet Soy Calamari

Tapas range from $9 to $14 depending on plate, which include Creamy Clam Cake ($10) to Ginger Poached Chicken Lettuce Cups ($11). Try the Long Island Duck Tacos ($13), the duck is doused in avacado mouse and makes a nice combination with pickled radish. Pair it with a smoothe MontGras Cabernet Sauvignon of Chile ($10).

Salads range from Crispy Heart of Romaine ($8), a shaved parmesan cheese, tossed with cilantro chipotle dressing, croutons and shaved carrots, to Mache ($10), lychee, strawberry and Asian pear compote drizzled with Chinese mustard challot vinaigrette, finished with wontons.

Entrees include Pan Seared Swordfish ($21) and Sweet Soy Calamari ($12), a great choice. The plate is served up looking like it was put together by da Vinci and it tastes great too. The calamari pops with fire roasted red peppers and flat leaf parsley.

Now to the best part. Desserts range from a Chocolate Bomb ($7), which is a strawberry gelato bursting with chantilly cream and fresh mint, to Lemon Pistachio Cake ($8), drizzled in honey, candied pistachios, strawberry lemon-lime puree and vanilla ice cream. Coffee and tea are natural pairings but if you really want to treat yourself to a delicious dessert drink, finish your meal off with an Affogato ($9). The Italian “Drowned” coffee-based beverage  features a scoop of vanilla gelato and a double shot of espresso sprinkled with mint and cinnamon.

Remember it’s not a competition, or is it? You’re the judge. Buon appetito!



Tapas & Wine Bar @ Bernard’s

716 Glen Cove Avenue

Glen Head, NY 11545