Kim Richards: Out Of Rehab And “Doing Well”

Kim Richards was released from rehab earlier this month and according to her sister, is “Doing well.”

“Kim is on her way. She is having a good time,” 47-year-old Kathy Hilton told Us Weekly Sunday on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Kim Richards
Photo by: Adam Olszewski/Bravo

During the airing of Bravo hit show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the cast member entered rehab again—she had also entered rehab following Season 1 of the reality show wrapping.

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Kim entered an undisclosed treatment center after season 2 of the reality show wrapped and was treated for rumored alcohol abuse.

She was reportedly released earlier this month, which means she won’t appear on the reunion, which was taped while she was still being treated.


Kim’s problem was first exposed during season 1 of the reality show by sister and co-star Kyle Richards.

The two had a heated exchange of words,that ended with Kyle sharing with the world, her sister’s drinking problem.

“You are a liar, and sick, and alcoholic,” Kyle said. ”You are an alcoholic. Yeah, that’s right. I’ve said it now and everybody knows.”

At the end of the episode, viewers were told that she was checked into rehab by her family and checked herself out a week later.

Her erratic behavior continued during the second season of the show that kicked off a few months ago. Kim seems disoriented many times with cast members commenting on her state and at times even accuse her of being under the influence.

“When you’re on numerous medications for moods, and you combine them all together, and possibly the dosing may be off, it can cause some of those symptoms of the eyes a little glassy, a little bit of slurring of the words, just looking like you’re not completely with it,” cast member Adrienne Maloof’s husband and plastic surgeon Paul Nassif told Wendy Williams.

Kim shares the drama spotlight with co-star Taylor Armstrong who is acting erratic as well, but for a different reason. Armstrong is going through a divorce with husband Russell, after he allegedly abused her. Following the season’s close, Russell commits suicide.