Is Drake Dead? Drake Killed on Twitter

061810drake t300

You just can’t believe everything you see on Twitter.

The social network sight was blowing up on Friday and Saturday with the trending topic “RIP Drake.”

Drake is actually alive and well, as are other celebrities who were killed by social networks on Friday like Rick Ross and LeBron James.

Drake’s fictitious death comes one day after comedian Eddie Murphy was also killed by the Internet.

But, Murphy, just like the other celebs listed above, is not dead.

According to TMZ, Murphy is still breathing, and the reports of his demise came from mediafetcher.com, which has also put out stories of other “dead” celebrities in the past, the entertainment website said.

Drake now joins a long list of celebrities who have kicked the bucket on the Internet.

Last December, it was Jon Bon Jovi who was killed off by the web.

Other “dead” stars include Jaden Smith, Bill Cosby, Bobby Brown, Jackie Chan and Adam Sandler. Smith was said to have died in a snowboarding incident and Chan supposedly died of a heart attack.