Grant Wilson Leaves ‘Ghost Hunters’

Ghost Hunters
Photo via Ghost Hunters

The co-lead investigator for Ghost Hunters will be saying adios to the show that made him famous.

Grant Wilson announced he would be leaving on last night’s episode of the hit SyFy paranormal investigation show.

Wilson helped found The Atlantic Paranormal Society, TAPS, with co-lead investigator Jason Hawes, which spawned the hit SyFy show that the two have starred on for eight years hunting down spirits.

“The episode which will change everything begins in 5 minutes,” warned Ghost Hunters with a Facebook post Wednesday night.

Wilson announced his departure by saying, “It is with mixed emotion that I am announcing my departure from the cast of Ghost Hunters. While paranormal investigating has always been and will remain a passion for me, after enjoying nearly eight successful seasons on television, I have made the decision to leave the series in order to focus on other aspects of my personal life.”

“I will deeply miss working with Jason and the rest of the dedicated investigators and crew that have become like family, and I wish them all the best as they continue to follow their passion and realize the vision of TAPS,” Wilson said, reported EW.

The episode carried on as an investigation kicked off at the over 200-year-old Providence City Hall in Rhode Island. Ultimately, they didn’t find enough evidence to deem it haunted. The team also investigated the Burson House in Farmington, NY and came to the conclusion that the house is dealing with an intelligent ghost.

Wilson’s last episode will kick off Wednesday, May 16.

Ghost Hunters first premiered in 2004 on SyFy and follows paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson who investigate places that are reported haunted. The two men were originally Roto-Rooter plumbers and moonlighted as paranormal investigators at night. As the show garnered enormous success, the two dropped their day jobs as plumbers and began investigating the paranormal world full-time.

The past June the show was renewed for an eighth season making it the longest running reality series on SyFy.