McDonald’s Shamrock Shake: Available Nationwide

McDonald's Shamrock Shake
McDonald’s Shamrock Shake (McDonald’s Twitter)
McDonald's Shamrock Shake
McDonald's Shamrock Shake (McDonald's Twitter)

“For the 1st time in history, the #ShamrockShake is available nationwide! That’s something to celebrate,” tweeted McDonald’s Thursday.

Months ago, the exciting news was first announced; the Shamrock Shake would become available to all, and for the first time in McDonald’s history it has this week.

That’s right, the favored fast food chain is now offering a special green shake dubbed the ‘Shamrock Shake’ to one and all—McDonald’s Corp will offer the minty green milkshake in all 14,000 restaurants nationwide.

But the shake is only available in the few weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day and ends March 25, so you may want to move fast.

The beloved shake costs around $2 and consists of reduced fat vanilla ice cream, syrup and whipped cream.

The treat has 540 calories and 16 grams of fat for a small, 680 calories and 20 grams of fat for a medium and 840 calories and 24 grams of fat for a large.

It was only available at limited locations since it launched back in 1970—Last year it was reportedly available at half the locations across the United States— but has since become a favorite among McDonald’s customers with a reported “cult-like” following.

As we’ve previously reported, the minty green treat began with Philadelphia Eagles tight end Fred Hill’s 3-year-old daughter, Kim, who was being treated for leukemia in 1974. He pushed for the promotion and according to the fast food chain, the shake ended up as a special week-long promotion with all profits to be donated to the cause.