Tila Tequila: Attempted Suicide And Brain Damaged?

Associated Press
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Associated Press

Reality star, Tila Tequila was hospitalized this past weekend after an alleged overdose that may have left her with permanent brain damage.

The former star of “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila,” who first rose to fame for her massive Myspace friend count reportedly suffered a brain aneurysm in the middle of the night recently and took prescription drugs to cope with the pain.

It’s being reported that she overdosed and threw up on her bed, where a friend later found her convulsing and called an ambulance.

Tila was rushed to the hospital and a source told Radar Online, “She was in two hospitals for the span of a week and is still not in perfect health, so she’s going to check into an outpatient program.”

The source told the website that she still isn’t able to speak properly since being released from the hospital Monday. Making matters worse, rumors are now swirling that the petite 30-year-old may have permanent brain damage.

At the moment there has been no comment on whether the overdose was accidental or not from Tila’s camp. While some reports claim it was indeed an accident, according to TMZ, Tila’s roommate told police that she had tried to kill herself all week.