Cannes Film Festival: Long Island’s “Love and the Small Print” [Trailer]

love and the small print

love and the small printThe latest project from NY-based film company Beast of the East, “Love and the Small Print,” which was shot on Long Island, was accepted into the Short Film Corner of this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

The film focuses on three couples navigating through dramatic events in their relationships, forcing them to make decisions that could change their lives, but not all couples survive with their sanity, or life, intact.

Lori has pushed her body to the limits for years, grinding to meet her goal of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Almost 20 years old, she finally has received her big break, an opportunity to dance with the most prestigious dance troupe in NYC. Only problem is, she just found out she’s pregnant by her long term, loving boyfriend Jeff. Jeff is everything a girl wants when she dreams of her husband, loving, supportive…and ready to get married and start a family. Lori now has to make the ultimate decision, start a family with the man of her dreams, while crushing her life long dream of being a dancer, or abort her child and finally achieve success.

Meanwhile their friends Jessica and Kyle struggle to hide the imperfections in their own relationship. Jessica, trapped by Kyle’s abusive ways, has tolerated black and blue eyes because of her fear of loneliness. As she suffers another rage of attack under Kyle’s hand, before going out to meet Lori and Jeff, she decides it’s time. Packing an escape bag, with Kyle watching sports in the next room, her mind races with ideas of freedom. But when he calls out to her, expressing his need, Jessica is unsure if she’s ready to truly be alone.

Jessica’s brother, Mark, has long known Kyle mistreats his sister, but with his own dysfunctional relationship with Vanessa, he hasn’t been able to tell Jessica how he really feels. Vanessa is younger, hot, and knows it. The breadwinner of the couple since Mark lost his job, she’s reaching her wits end. And Mark too, is running out of money, patience, self–esteem, and sanity. When he simultaneously does not get an offer for a position he recently interviewed for and discovers Vanessa has been cheating on him he is sent over the edge, literally, as he stands on his rooftop contemplating a jump.

In the final moments he urges his sister Jessica to finally leave her boyfriend and be happy.

Watch the trailer for Love and the Small Print here.