‘The Hunger Games’ Premiere: Jennifer Lawrence At ‘THG’ Premiere (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence
(Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles)
Jennifer Lawrence
(Credit: AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Fans of the “The Hunger Games” are thrilled about the premiere of the new movie, and they’ve been even more excited to catch a glimpse or two of the Hunger Games leading lady Jennifer Lawrence.

The movie is based on the best-seller by Suzanne Collins by the same name. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, who play characters that literally fight each other to the death as the government tapes the games and televises them to the nation. The movie is set to open in all theaters March 23.

As Lawrence stepped out of her limo to the Hunger Game premiere fans cheered like crazy when they saw their favorite heroine donning a lavish golden dress, similar to what Katniss wears to the interview after the reaping. Even her hair wreaked of perfection as it was laced with a golden rope.

Lawrence admitted that she has been taken aback by the positive response she’s received ever since becoming a part of the Hunger Games and said she knew her life had changed when people started camping outside of her house to take pictures of her.

Naturally people have been comparing “The Hunger Games” to “Twilight” since they are both books geared towards young adults with a female main character and two potential male suitors, however, fans agree that the similarities between the two books end there.

“This doesn’t focus on the love triangle,” explained 22-year-old Stephanie Zatko to Boston.com, a who is a “Twilight” fan and was coerced to check out “The Hunger Games.” “She’s actually doing something. Bela just sits there.”

“Katniss is a stronger female,” added Alyssa Walker, 20, who has read all of the books in “The Hunger Games” series. “The guys are a thing, too, but she does her own thing.”

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