Kate Upton Zoo York Commercial (Video)

Kate Upton Zoo York commercial
Kate Upton Zoo York Commercial (Photo credit: YouTube)
Kate Upton Zoo York commercial
Kate Upton Zoo York Commercial (Photo credit: YouTube)

Kate Upton, the sexy bombshell, who earned instant fame after gracing the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, is heating up the Internet—again.

Some critics came down on her flirtatious Carl’s Jr. commercial that some said was too hot for TV. Now a new commercial starring the 19-year-old model has some networks running for the hills.

Upton appears in a new ad for Zoo York, a clothing line owned by Marc Ecko.

The commercial has already been banned by two networks because of a profanity-laced conclusion to the 34-second spot that comes out of the mouth of the two infamous talking Zoo York cockroaches, according to reports.

The New York Daily News reported that MTV and Adult Swim Network banned the ad because of the profanity coming from the talking bugs, as well as an image of Upton’s “erect nipple.” (Something we didn’t see). The commercial is scheduled to air on TV and the web in April, according to the report.

In the ad, the roaches start talking about how they “would love to grind” and “wax” some pipes, when Upton appears in workout garb, doing some stretches and showing off her belly. The commercial is nowhere as seductive as her last little acting gig, but it’s filled with creepy double entendres from dirty critters.

Usually, we don’t hear things like “Fuc**** c****uckers in commercials, even if they will be “bleeped” out.

Can’t really blame Upton for this one, however. The spot’s vulgar conclusion is probably the real reason why some networks are wary about airing it on the tube.

Check it out (Warning: The video is uncensored and contains vulgar language):