‘Walking Dead’ Season Finale: New ‘Walking Dead’ Character, Michonne (Video)

(Credit: YouTube)
(Credit: YouTube)

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was arguably the best of the season.

The excitement within the second season starts to rise after Dale is ripped apart by the walker who Carl agitated. The intensity is amped up when Rick kills Shane, Shane turns into a zombie (without being bitten by a walker) and then Carl points his gun at Rick but actually shoots zombie Shane. Yeah, definitely better than looking for little Sophia.

Not only did Carl witness his father kill Shane, he killed Shane’s walking corpse and we were looking forward to see how the group was going to react to finding out that Rick murdered Shane, until we see that an entire herd of zombies is headed straight to the farm!

The decision for everyone to get into cars and try to lead the zombies away from the farm was very odd, considering once everyone gets into their cars, they’re driving way too fast for the zombies to keep up with them.

Though they normally were able to take out any zombies that got in their way, it was a complete waste of ammo to try to kill any of them with their guns. However, because they made this ludicrous decision to stay on the farm until they were about to all be killed resulted in a very intriguing twist.

After Andrea is left to fend for herself when everyone leaves her behind, it seems like one of our favorite characters is about to be eaten alive. We see her try to ration her ammo, but it’s impossible for her to take on all the walkers by herself and it is, until the miraculous ninja woman seemingly comes out of nowhere and slays the zombie who is about to rip Andrea’s neck open.

Here’s a tiny spoiler for next season, the woman in the cloak is a character named Michonne who will be played by actress Danai Gurira. Those two zombies she had on chains are her boyfriend and brother whose arms and lower jaw were bit off so they can’t kill her.

Watch the vid of Michonne saving Andrea!