Top 10 Tuesday: Jets Blunders Since 2010


In the wake of the Jets acquisition of Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos last week, we here at Top 10 Tuesday thought it would be fun to take a deeper look into the franchise.

This little Top 10 list came to our creative minds after hearing the Jets almost lost Tebow when it was reported that there was a “snag” in the contract. Apparently, the word “snag” is used when a team forgets to read an entire contract before announcing that they traded for someone via Twitter.

The piece of text in question was a requirement in Tebow’s contract that stated a team trading for Tebow has to fork over $5 million to the Broncos. The two sides were able to compromise on a price, but the damage was done. The news media caught this little mistake by Gang Green and ran with it.

That got us thinking: What other blunders have the Jets committed in recent years. We didn’t think 10 was possible. We were wrong.

The team has had some embarrassing moments in recent years, including several mistakes from their boisterous coach. But he wasn’t the only one that had some strange moments since 2010. Check it out:

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