Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Rare Footage (Video)

Charlotte and Jonathan
(Credit: YouTube)
Charlotte and Jonathan
(Credit: YouTube)

Ever since their appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent,” everyone has been talking about the disheveled, unlikely phenomenon Jonathan Antoine. Antoine widely stole the show and the hearts of everyone, but what about Charlotte Jaconelli? The two sang “The Prayer,” echoing Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s version of the song. When Jonathan and Charlotte sang, Jonathan’s voice was the one that was predominately featured, so does Charlotte have the same talents as Jonathan?

Charlotte and Jonathan, who are 16 and 17 decided to try out for “Britain’s Got Talent” after it was suggested to them by their singing teacher.

Antoine later explains where he shyness comes from in a mini interview, “I’ve always had problems with my size since I could remember.. it damaged my confidence quite a bit. When people would say something to me it would take a little piece out of me in a sense.”

“I’m quite protective of Jonathan,” Charlotte explains, “If I was there and someone said something to him I couldn’t sit there with my mouth shut.” She goes on to add, “Before you make a judgement on someone you really need to get to know them. It’s not as cliché as judging a book by its cover you’ve got to read what’s inside.”

Charlotte just stands on stage as Jonathan gets all the praise.

Cowell continues, “I worry Charlotte whether you’re going to hold him back.”

Despite what Cowell thinks, Jonathan is not going to leave his rock, and his partner in the cold. He says, “Well, we came on here as a duo and we’re going to stay on here as a duo.”

What Simon has yet to see is Charlotte’s voice flourish. In a rare video posted on YouTube, Charlotte’s voice dominates the performance.

What do you think of her voice in this video?

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