Barista: Missing Barista’s Body Found In Lake

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An undated file photo released by the Anchorage Police Department shows Anchorage, Alaska, barista, Samantha Koenig, 18. (AP Photo/Anchorage Police Dept./file)

Police believe they’ve located the body of Samantha Koenig, an 18-year-old barista that went missing just two months ago.

The tragic abduction was caught on tape in February, where the teen was seen on a surveillance camera being led away from the coffee establishment she worked at.

This week, what is believed to be her body was recovered from an Alaska lake.

Monday evening, forensic dive teams located what is believe to be the barista’s body at Matanuska Lake after FBI agents and other authorities spent hours at the lake earlier that day, according to the Associated Press.

Samantha Koenig went missing back in February and was last seen on a surveillance tape being led away by a man wielding a weapon—Koenig was being led away from her place of employment, a coffee establishment in Anchorage, Alaska.

The tape that revealed the last of Koenig was never released by officials, who classified the event as an abduction, reported AP. Koenig’s disappearance sparked a search while officials revealed that the killer is believed to be in custody at the moment.

That main suspect is 34-year-old Israel Keyes, who, according to reports, is listed as a “person of interest” in the barista’s abduction. Keyes, of The Keyes Construction, was arrested in Texas after leaving Anchorage in March.

Now, the world awaits the autopsy and verification of identity.