Katherine Jenkins ‘Dancing With The Stars’: Katherine Jenkins ‘DWTS’ Tribute Dance (Video)

Katherine Jenkins
(Credit: YouTube)
Katherine Jenkins
(Credit: YouTube)

Last night’s “Dancing With The Stars” was an emotional episode for all of the celebs. The dances recalled the most memorable year in their life. Katherine Jenkins chose 1996, the year her father was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Katherine explains the day she had to let her father go, “I was at the time fifteen and my sister was thirteen. I was pulled out of class by my auntie who came to say your father is in a coma and you need to come to the hospice and you need to say goodbye to him.”

She continues, “The following day he passed away and I’m glad to say I got to say goodbye properly.”

Not only did Katherine pick the year to that was most memorable to her, but she also picked the song. She explains the song to her partner Mark, “It’s Josh Groban ‘To Where You Are,’ which is a song that completely sums up about the way I feel about my Dad. Soon as I hear it I burst into tears because it’s about knowing that they’re there with you, you know. You feel them all around you.”

Katherine and Mark’s waltz had an elegance that was unmatched by the other stars performance and the judges were thrilled with it.

Carri Ann Inaba practically started to bawl when she said, “Your dad is definitely smiling down upon you. That was magic. It was as if you had two partners. I could feel you dancing with Mark beautifully and effortlessly and it’s like your fathers arms were around you wrapping you through the dance. It was just an amazing moment.

However, the normally hard to please judge, Len Goodman, did have some criticism, “Well less there is lovely movement. It was danced with grace and it was danced with elegance. There wasn’t enough dancing in ballroom hold. What annoys me is Katherine is so great when she’s in hold, she’s got great posture.” But he finishes with, “The bottom line is you are a wonderful dancer.”

Were you touched by Katherine’s tribute dance to her father’s life?