Wichita Tornado Watch Says National Weather Service (Video)

Mid West Tornado
(Credit: CNN)

Wichita was put under a tornado emergency due to a giant tornado, which is part of a series of intense thunder storms in the Great Plains, moving through Kansas and threatening to destroy homes, reports CNN.

The “confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado was located just east of Conway Springs and moving northeast at 35 mph,” going near the Wichita area, the National Weather Service reported on Saturday night. “This is a particularly dangerous situation.”

The National Weather Service was reporting it was likely that damage, “and complete destruction [are] possible.” However by 10 p.m. (11 p.m. ET), no excessive damages had been reported by Kansas authorities.

Iowa wasn’t as lucky. Earlier in the day “a possible tornado” wound up hitting a hospital Saturday evening in Creston, Iowa, as reported by a dispatcher with the Union County Sheriff’s Department. As a result, a search-and-rescue operation was issued.

“We have been hit. We are triaging and moving patients,” a spokeswoman at Greater Regional Medical Center in the south-central Iowa city confirmed.

Though Kansas authorities had not reported any serious damages, Governor Sam Brownback was still urging people to be cautious and issued this advisory: “If you’re on the road, get off as soon as you can and find some shelter.”

A deadly twister that touched down in Woodward, Oklahoma early Sunday killed five people. The tornado was part of the severe thunder storm system that erupted in the mid west.

Mayor of Woodward, Roscoe Hill didn’t hear sirens before the fatal tornado began its destruction on Oklahoma soil. “We had a little tornado earlier …. and they blew all the sirens. When this one came in, our sirens weren’t working. We didn’t have a very good storm alert,” he said.

Do you think the people would have been able to survive if the sirens had gone off?