Baby Giraffe Now At Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo (Video)

Picture 6

Picture 64A baby giraffe was welcomed into the official giraffe enclosure at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo!

The female Baringo giraffe calf born in March at the Bronx Zoo and was just welcomed into the exhibit this past week. The young giraffe, who hasn’t been named yet, can now be seen in the zoo’s African Plains.

The giraffe’s first day was captured on camera and in one precious instance, viewers watch as the baby giraffe encounters a butterfly in her exhibit.

“Our baringo giraffe calf has made her debut on the African Plains, and she’s one busy baby. See her nuzzle with mom, romp around her exhibit, and interact with a surprise visitor—an interloping butterfly,” says WCS in a press release.

The calf who is now one month old, was approximately 6 feet tall and over 100 pounds at birth and as an adult, could reach 16 feet and weigh 2,600 pounds.

According to WCS, Giraffes are native to grasslands, savannas, and open woodlands in central, east, and southern Africa. The Baringo, or Rothschild’s, giraffe is found in western Kenya and eastern Uganda.

The Wildlife Conservation Society works to save giraffe populations, who while robust in some areas are decreasing overall—WCS is working to protect giraffes in key African landscapes like Zakouma, Chad, Murchison Falls, Uganda, and in the Sahel of South Sudan.

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