Ricki Lake Eloped, Explains Why (Photo)

Ricki Lake Wedding
(Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)
Ricki Lake Wedding
(Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

Ricki Lake tied the knot a week ago and now she has decided to explain to “Us magazine” why she chose to elope with boyfriend Christian Evans.

43-year-old Lake snagged her 40-year-old hubby Evans on April 8 in a tranquil beach ceremony in California. The happy couple had been dating for a year and a half. But if the two were so in love and happy together, why would they keep their nuptials a secret?

“‘Dancing With the Stars’ was such an experience where I felt like I was a princess twice a week. I got to get all the attention and the accolades and I didn’t need that on my wedding day,” she explained on “The View.” “I really wanted it to be about us.”

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Talk about having a small wedding, there weren’t even any human guests at the ceremony. The only mammals in attendance were the couple’s two dogs! The talk show host’s sons from her first marriage to Rob Sussman did not attend the wedding.

Lake explains why Milo, 15, and Owen, 10 decided not to see their mother marry the love of her life, “It was Easter break. It was spring break and it was actually Easter Sunday and they were with their father. We invited them, but I think they were more concerned with what cake they were missing versus the ceremony,” she joked about her sons not attending the wedding. “We celebrated with them and they’ve always felt like he’s a stepfather to them anyways so they’re really happy for us.”

Lake admitted on “GMA” why she divorced her first husband, “I was that cynical woman…I was married for ten years, and my divorce was not an easy one. I didn’t believe in love forever and ever, again. It took me meeting Christian.”

But now Lake gushes over Evans. She explained to the ladies on “The View,” “He is my soul mate…I was ready for that right person to come into my life.”