The Book: Married to a Trial Liar


Married to a Trial Liar
17BookBy Sophia Moreau & Barbara Sheldon

The rags-to-riches story of Mia Picarde, a successful Long Island businesswoman, unfolds as Mia prepares for a court appearance in an ongoing effort to divorce her husband.A visit to the scattered remains of her family’s home in Long Beach triggers a series of flashbacks detailing Mia’s humble beginnings, before her accidental and repeated entanglements with abusive, narcissistic men wreak havoc on her life.

After marrying her divorce lawyer, she is greeted with a world of abuse, sexual perversion and blatant infidelity. A call from Dave’s mistress—who shares bone-chilling stories of sexual dominance—leads Mia to the realization that the man she is married to is evolving from obsessed husband to sexual predator to possible serial killer.

A sequence of events—involving a Mickey Spillane-type private investigator, a reluctant chief of detectives, a phalanx of angels, and an Italian businessman who comes to Mia’s rescue and falls in love with her—culminates in the final, surprising denouement as all plot threads converge in the village of East Hampton.

Throughout the novel Picarde’s strength of character emerges and serves to steel her resolve, living proof that abuse can happen to anyone, and that no one who is being abused deserves to live that way.

Moreau and Shelden will be speaking about and signing copies of Married to a Trial Liar at the Book Revue in Huntington April 29 at 4 p.m.