Buddy Valastro: Talking to the Cake Boss

Photo Credit: Thomas Kosa Photography
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Photo Credit: Thomas Kosa Photography

America’s favorite baker Buddy Valastro is going to be on Long Island this weekend, presenting his special interactive event Bakin’ with The Boss. The boss himself will share stories about his hit series, Cake Boss, his Italian family, answer questions and demonstrate the baking techniques that made him famous. He’ll also invite audience members on stage! Before his April 29 appearance at the NYCB Theatre @ Westbury, the Long Island Press caught up with the boss this past week for some sweet talk.

You have a successful bakery, shows, books and your own tour; tell us how it feels to be so in demand.  I’m truly having the ride of my life right now! I’m still just a baker from New Jersey – but I’m fully having some fun!

Why do you think so many people are interested in the Cake Boss?
I think people are obsessed with food and, in my case, cake and the things you can do with cake.  It’s not like when you and I got our whipped cream birthday cakes anymore. Some of the orders we get—I couldn’t even imagine thinking up!

It’s safe to say you wear many hats thanks to your baking. Where else do you see yourself in years to come?
I indeed do wear a lot of hats! I’d like to open some additional bakeries, and maybe even have my own show one day.

The next season of Cake Boss starts shortly (May 30th on TLC). Can you tell us what to expect?
The cakes are bigger—and I mean much bigger! We are finally all moved in to our new Lackawanna facility, so we can take full advantage of the space…We never would have been able to do these cakes in the old bakery.

You’ve come along way since season one. For those who haven’t followed you, tell us about how you got started, and how the television show came about.
I got my start from the wedding magazines.  I used to do a lot of cakes for them. Then Food Network Challenge saw me in the magazines and invited me to compete on their show.  At the same time that was going on, TLC was looking for a cake show—and they found me from the challenges. They asked me to take a camcorder around the bakery and introduce them to my family. So I did that, and like two days later they called me back and asked me who my agent was. I said. “Me!” And that was the start of Cake Boss!

And you work with a ton of family members. Have you ever had to fire one?
I’ve never had to truly fire a family member – we’ve come close – and you’ll actually see it in this season of Cake Boss. I won’t tell you who – but I’m sure the fans out there can guess!

Give shoppers a secret: what’s the best treat you bake at the bakery?
Our lobster tails are the favorites…Our crumb cake is pretty amazing, too!

Viewers love the odd requests you get. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever gotten?
The bug cake – by far the weirdest one ever!

Hoboken is a long way for some of us. Do you think you’ll ever open up a bakery on Long Island?
We are working on it. I’d love to put one in Long Island. We don’t have any plans yet – but hopefully soon!