Rihanna “Where Have You Been” Video Released (Video)

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Rihanna fans rejoice: she’s just released a new video for her song “Where Have You Been.”

“Where have you been, all my life?” sings Rihanna in her new video. “I’ve been everywhere, man, looking for someone who can please me, love me all night long. I’ve been everywhere, man, looking for you babe.”

The video was released Monday on VEVO and shows a very tribal RiRi as she dances in a crowd of men and swims through a swamp asking the same question “Where have you been all my life?”

The song may sound familiar as it was featured at Coachella. It comes from her sixth studio album, “Talk That Talk” and is set to be released May 8. The song comes as the fifth single from the new album.

The entertaining music video was reportedly filmed in Los Angeles, California on March 8, and took hours to perfect. Rihanna commented on the extra-long shoot, tweeting “Video shoot going MAJAH!!! Longest day everrrrr tho!!! #WHEREhaveUbeen #stillgoing.”

Rihanna has updated her fans on the progress of the video since the first day it was shot. Before the video was released, Rihanna posted pictures from the shoot to her Facebook page. And last night right before the video was released, the singer amped up excitement through Twitter.

“#NaviRIHminder !!!!!! #WHYBvideo premieres Monday April 30 at 9AM EST on VEVO and we are CRASHING SERVERZ!!!!!!#WHYBvideo24hrRECORD,” she tweeted.

Check out the video.